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EastLegon Hills Ram, an amiable and spirited basketball team, began their journey from the vibrant and diverse group of friends residing in and around Communication Hills Estate.

Their infectious passion for basketball and their penchant for weekend games led to the formation of the After 5PM ballers, a name that embodied their unwavering commitment to the sport, meeting to play after work hours.

Over time, their team grew more robust and dynamic, inviting their friends from outside the estate to come and play. As they honed their skills, the team became more competitive, taking on teams from around the vicinity and emerging victorious. Their noteworthy achievements led to the decision to band together and seek registration for the new ABB league. Thus, the EastLegon Hills Rams were born, a testament to the strength of their camaraderie, teamwork, and unwavering dedication to basketball.

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Wekem Samuel

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